LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! is recently completed with the help of our 200 Kickstarter backers and others including singer songwriter, Randy Newman, grants such as NYSCA, partners such as Channel 8 (Israel), a devoted, talented staff and the kindness of many. 

We have been overwhelmed by the response to the LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER!

"You cry, you laugh, you get angry. It makes you think. It makes you feel.” 

Karen Ludwig, Actor/Director/Writer


"Lifechanging. It crosses all cultures. We are all part of this film. The film teaches us what never giving up means and never too late to say I love you. And teaches us all to forgive."

Laura Slutsky, PeopleFinders Productions Founder 

We now know we have a strong film which will help many. 


LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! promises to heal many people – people who are suffering from growing up with a critical and abusive parent, people who have been struggling with low self-esteem and body image their whole lives, people who for years have been carrying anger and resentment towards the people who have caused them harm.

We need your help now more than ever to release the film to the world wide. It is crucial that this film reaches the largest audience as possible. And to make it possible for Gayle Kirschenbaum to travel and teach people her powerful tools on how to forgive.  As we build the NO MORE DRAMA WITH MAMA  movement, relationships never thought repairable are now transforming to one of love and support. 


All of your donations will go directly towards the release of LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! Thank you in advance for your support and please spread the word! You can make a contribution by clicking on the DONATE button. 



"I am very eager to see your film because my wife recently had a nervous breakdown and - through the journey of her and I figuring out what happened, she realized that she has been her mother's scapegoat her whole life. I am desperate for my wife to see your film, I think it will help her a great deal with what she's going through with her mother."

-From an anonymous donor



Restoring Relationships